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TEMPERED GLASS NEW YORK | FABRICATION ,INSTALLATION,TEMPERED GLASS NYC - Offers you comprehensive in-house custom glass fabricating, and precision machining and finishing services including Class 1 Clean Room, CMM precision measurement, water jet cutting, CNN machining, blown glass, pressed glass, sizing, seaming, glass bending, polishing, lapping and precision drilling services.Reed More


We have years of experience and know all kinds of materials



Beauty of the home depends completely on interior d├ęcor you choose


By: Natalia
tempered glass Ordinary glass appeared in ancient Egypt, and who was the inventor of this popular and useful material is no longer know...

By: Natalia
tempered glass Due to the properties of the material, tempered glass sheets are characterized by increased resistance to attempts to d...

By: Natalia
Glass partitions are a real salvation for small and non-spacious houses, but often the question arises how to arrange such partitions. Fortu...

By: Natalia
glass partitions Glass partitions as an element of zoning offices, shops, business centers have become firmly established in our life. B...

By: Natalia
glass door Installing glass doors is a complex and important process. This type of work is not very different from the method of install...

By: Natalia
  The forerunners of modern mirrors were polished pieces of obsidian and bronze discs.  But the Romans began to put metal plates under pi...

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