One of the most effective and modern methods of decorative glass processing is laser processing. It is performed on high-tech CNC laser machines that allow you to apply high-precision images on any glass and mirror surface, as well as create three-dimensional images inside the glass blank.

The machine for performing laser engraving on glass is called a laser engraver - modern engravers allow you to work not only with glass, but also with mirrors, metals, plastic, plexiglass and other materials. The laser engraver is equipped with a radiator that projects a laser beam with specified characteristics onto a work surface - a glass blank. An image is loaded into the program module of the machine that needs to be applied to the workpiece, and the operating parameters — glass thickness, type of engraving (simple surface or internal volumetric), and other characteristics.

Thanks to the automatic control, the laser beam makes an exact movement along a predetermined trajectory with a deviation of no more than 0.1 mm, affecting the glass substance. The focusing of the beam is set automatically, it burns out a flat or three-dimensional image in the glass substance.

To create a flat image on glass

, the laser beam slides over the surface of the workpiece and evaporates the top layer of glass, leaving behind a characteristic frosted scratch.

Volumetric engraving is a more complex process in terms of performance. For its realization, two laser beams act on the glass preform, they freely pass through the glass and are found inside it. At the point of their meeting, glass micro-destruction occurs. From such zones a three-dimensional pattern is formed.