Glass partitions are a real salvation for small and non-spacious houses, but often the question arises how to arrange such partitions. Fortunately, the design world does not stand still, and thanks to modern glass making technologies, you can have the following options for glass partitions:

glass partition
glass partition

First variant
Clear glass is appropriate in all rooms and styles, but not everyone likes accessibility for an overview of what is desirable to hide. So completely transparent partitions are used most often in those premises that do not require exceptional confidentiality. Transparent glass partition sets the boundaries of the home workplace.

Second variant
Frosted glass is usually divided into calm and discreet rooms. This type of partitions is considered the most versatile and suitable for any style: from high-tech to country. Partition of frosted glass in a studio apartment.

Third variant
Colored glass partitions are an original way of zoning a room. Of course, bright colors are more suitable for public spaces, but in the interior of a teenage room they will look beneficial. In addition, such designs are suitable for a room in a modern or high-tech style. The colored glass partition will look great in the interior in modern style.
glass partition
glass partition

Fourth variant
 Partitions with drawings on the glass can be a highlight of the interior. Most often they are used in traditional classical interiors to give the room not only airiness, but also add something original.

These are only the main options for the design of glass partitions. You can not be afraid to experiment with the appearance of this element of the interior, you can make the most of your imagination for a better result. Because glass is a great option for this, because it is the space for creativity.