Today, many interior and architecture items are made of tempered glass. Stairs, office partitions, shower enclosures - all this and much more are an integral part of our living space, and therefore requires constant care. There is no particular difficulty to care for tempered glassware, but some simple rules still need to be respected.
Use only special glass and mirror cleansers
Products from tempered glass are getting polluted, as well as other interior items, therefore require regular cleaning. Specialists recommend to clean glass stairs with soap solutions and to use special detergents for glass and mirrors.

By following the simple care rules listed below, you will extend the life of your tempered glass products and keep them impeccable over the years.

Caution: rust, a lime plaque! If you find difficult contamination (rust, lime plaque on the shower cubicle) on your tempered glass product, you cannot avoid using aggressive detergents. But, if your product is painted, and you are not sure of the reliability of the color, be careful - make sure that this plaque does not spoil the decor.
Abrasive products are canceled
Under no circumstances should you use abrasive cleaning products for tempered glass products - solid particles of powder and cleaning paste will leave scratches and abrasions on the surface, and the appearance of the product will be damaged.
Use soft sponges
The best "tools" for washing products made from tempered glass is a soft sponge or a special microfiber cloth. Never use a hard sponge to clean the glass surface.

Wipe until dry!
Almost all tempered glass products are mounted with the use of metal fittings and profiles made of steel or aluminum. As you know, in long-term contact with water, even stainless steel will rust. Therefore, when assembling, do not allow the moisture to enter the joints between the metal and glass - in the places of fastening the fittings.

Giovani Glass will offer you a perfect glass but then it will be your responsibility to keep immaculate.