Where glass railings are used?
·       they serve as fences in residential, office and industrial buildings, shopping centers;
·       they are used for the design of balconies, terraces, loggias, bay windows, observation decks;
·       balcony fences;

Why are glass railings and stairs so popular?
Glass partitions are a strong and almost invisible barrier, they practically do not interfere with the flow of light, and also are heat-resistant and durable. Despite the transparency and weightlessness, glass railings can be very durable, since they are made of glass with a thickness of 10 to 20 mm.
Glass railings - it's aesthetics, lightness, practicality, elegance, and comfort of your interior.
The railing and stairs are made of tempered glass
Tempered glass is obtained by a heat treatment method. Plain glass is placed in an oven that is heated to a temperature of about 600-650 ° C., after which there is rapid cooling. When cooled, the temperature of the surface layers of glass decreases faster than in the interior, which results in compression stress and the glass becomes strong and shock-resistant.

What is the thickness of glass in glass railing or staircase?
Giovani Glass is offering 10-20 mm thick glass, depending on the area of glazing and financial capabilities of the customer.
Glass railings are usually made from transparent glass but if necessary, or for a particular design, the glass may also be tinted or matte.

If desired, a logo can be applied to the glass surface using sandblasting, engraving or matting.