Glass always looks great in the interior - it adds airiness, lightness, elegance. In addition to the usual clear glass, you may use a variety of additional decoration. There are a lot of ways to decorate glass, but let’s talk about such kind of decoration as a facet.
What is a facet and how is it made? Many people know how beautiful can be cut transparent stones - rock crystal, diamond. A similar effect on glass can be achieved with a facet, which involves chamfering from the beveled edge of the glass. The edge of the sheet is made oblique, which gives two advantages at once: first, the edge of the glass stops to be dangerously sharp, and secondly, new edges are formed on which the light plays.

Chamfering is performed on modern high-precision equipment, allowing you to make the bevelling perfectly smooth and at the required angle. The chamfer can be removed at different angles - from 5 ° to 45 °. As for the thickness, it is usually from 5 to 60 mm. There are two types of facets - rectilinear bevel, performed on the glass with right angles and edges, as well as figured, designed for products with an arbitrary shape. There can be also the cascade facet when the chamfer is performed several times one on another. Such a glass will look amazing in the light.

In the interior, facets are most often used in wall mirrors, but not only: faceted glass is often placed in the windows, wall mosaics and even some furniture are made of them. In addition to the incomparable play of light, facet glasses have a strong optical distortion due to their thickness and cut, so that they can be safely installed in bathrooms as well as in interior doors. Facet mirror panels on ceilings are very popular too - the light from the chandeliers is repeatedly reflected creating a truly fabulous atmosphere.
Facet glass is an excellent solution for those who appreciate the grace in the interior, who are fascinated by the flickering tints and reflections on the walls.

Giovani Glass team will create faceted glass elements individually for your design.