Transparent steps, as if growing out of a wall, look truly fantastic. But this is not a fantasy at all, but a very real version of the staircase - a cantilever staircase with glass steps. This staircase looks extremely bold, modern, stylish, it can easily become the main masterpiece of the interior of the house.

Cantilever stairs are made so that the system of their supports and fixtures is securely hidden in the wall. Therefore, these stairs seem almost weightless, incredibly airy. When using glass for the steps of these stairs, this visual effect is further enhanced.
Glass transparent steps seem extremely fragile, so using a staircase with such steps is always a challenge. And even if the glass used for the steps is much stronger than usual and can easily withstand the weight of several people, the feeling of emptiness under your feet still tickles your nerves and leaves indelible impressions about the stairs.
However, despite all its uniqueness, glass cantilevered stairs should still be comfortable, safe and secure, otherwise the experience of using them, alas, can be sad. That is why the design, manufacture and, of course, the installation of such ladders is a serious responsibility.
So, perhaps, one of the most important issues is the fixing of the steps. Giovani Glass uses special metal fixings for installation with a threaded mount for glass so that the load from the steps is transferred to the wall. We use only triplex or tempered glass for this type of constructions.

An airy and transparent glass cantilever staircase does not look good with massive fencing, so such stairs are often completed with either thin metal fences or glass fences - weightless, like the stairs themselves. And by the way, stairs with glass steps and glass fences are especially unusual, so if you need the maximum wow effect, then preference should be given in their favor.