Previously, stained glass windows were considered an element of true luxury - they could only be found in cathedrals and rich palaces. But in the modern world colored glass can be more and more often found in ordinary houses and apartments. It looks great in the interior, especially if the room is on the sunny side: then the light will play beautifully on the walls and ceiling, creating amazing patterns.

How colored glass is made?
It can be colored initially, then at melting stages, different substances are added: sand, soda, and lime. For example, uranium oxide gives the yellow color to the glass, the iron oxide will make it bright red, chrome - green. And nickel oxide will help achieve a pleasant purple hue. But if you cannot order a colored glass, then you can do it easier - to paint the usual transparent glass with aniline dye or stick a special film on it. The film can be both monophonic, and with a drawing. You can even make a pseudo-stained glass with the help of a film - it will be a simple, cost-effective and a very nice solution.
Colored glass is a fairly universal thing. It will look great as a door or interior partition. For modern, laconic styles like modern or minimalism, you can take a one-color version, and stained-glass windows with patterns or even paintings fit well in a room in classical or baroque style. Sandblast drawings look very good on the colored glass.

If desired, transparent colored glass can be installed even in a window opening - however, in this case, you should not choose too dark shades. Otherwise, the lighting in the room will be insufficient. Warm colors look especially nice: orange, peach, pink, light yellow. Colored glass furniture is also very stylish - for example, coffee or dining table. And, of course, only tempered glass is used for interior partitions, doors, shower cabins, and other large interior parts - the usual glass will not be able to withstand intense loads.
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