Sandblasting is a technology of glass processing with a high-pressure air-sand spray, formed as a result of mixing compressed air and sand (abrasive). Today sandblasting is one of the most effective ways to clean any surface. The sandblasting equipment allows to remove corrosion products, scum and carbon, as well as old colorful coatings from metal, glass, concrete, wooden and other surfaces.
Glass and mirrors matting is the main operation in glassware decorating. Matting is a process of processing a glass surface or a mirror by sandblasting to obtain a matte finish.

Matting can be classified into the following types depending upon complexity:
 solid matting - the whole surface becomes matte;
• simple matting - the application of simple geometric shapes onto the mirror: lines, circles, squares, diamonds, etc.
Sandblasting allows you to get an opaque matte surface for white glass. You can handle all the surface or only individual fragments. Sandblasting helps create various high-art patterns.

Sandblasted glass is widely used in the manufacture of wardrobes, interior partitions, various furniture with glass inserts, and variations and the degree of complexity of the picture are limited only by the imagination of the designer.

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