You decided to decorate the living room with a glass table, put a glass partition or a door. And then a reasonable question arises - what glass is needed as there are several types of it. You can choose tempered glass or triplex. As a rule, triplex is more suitable for glass constructions. It is made of two glasses laminated together with a special film.

When applying the film, the finished “sandwich” is pressed and then sent to the oven. There the film melts and holds glass layers together. Tempered glass is obtained from the usual one by way of its heating to temperature of 650 ° C. Then it is evenly cooled with air. As a result of such quenching a tension is formed on the surface of the glass.

The glass treated in this way is durable as well as heat resistant. It is very important to make in advance all the technological holes required during assembly, otherwise you can easily spoil the finished glass.

As for strength, then triplex and tempered glass are several times harder compared to the usual one. And triplex strength is determined by the strength of the constituent elements and the quality of the film or composition.

In any case, triplex bypasses the usual glass in strength parameter several times. If you use tempered glass to produce triplex, then its strength will increase accordingly.

After a sharp and strong mechanical action the triplex fragments do not fall apart, but form a cobweb. When the tempered glass breaks, it transforms into “crumb” with blunt angles, which are absolutely harmless. Tempered glass is used for partitions, showers, doors, windows, canopies. Such glass perfectly tolerates changes in temperature and humidity, and therefore is widely used in saunas and bathrooms. It can be decorated with photo printing or sandblasting.

Triplex and tempered glass have high sound insulation properties and can be used where it is important, specialists of Giovani Glass will help you to make a right choice.