Glass floors - this is the design of the floor of the premises with glass structures of increased strength. Giovani Glass company offers a huge selection of types and styles of glass floor design so that any interior will play with new colors. The reliability of the construction of tempered glass tested by dozens of orders. We are ready to implement any your idea of ​​using glass floors or other structures quickly and professionally.

In terms of design, glass floors look very impressive. The room looks light and as if suspended in the air. Walking on a transparent surface is unusual for perception - it is like walking on water, on air, so adrenaline secretion is ensured. And the colored lights under the transparent floor will fill the space with a fabulous atmosphere. In terms of advertising, glass floors are also indispensable. Products and goods placed under the glass floor will attract every visitor, not to mention saving space on the shelves. Of course, designers will suggest the best solutions how to make a glass floor for a particular house or office.
Thanks to modern technologies today we can produce laminated glass, which is not inferior in strength to other materials used in the manufacture of the floor. One square meter of laminated glass triplex can withstand a load of more than 400 kg.

Types of glass floors
Glass floors-niches are mounted on frames and consist of small sections. In such sections you can a composition and set the backlight. Glass floors in the form of a scene look spectacular in bars, restaurants, attract attention to speakers on such a scene. Glass scene stands out against the background of the usual floor. Such forms of floors are used even in the construction of bridges.