Glass ceiling is one of the novelties in the field of interior decoration of rooms. Thanks to their ability to visually increase the space you can reach the effect of fabulousness and weightlessness in any room.
Transparent elements make the room visually larger, higher, change the geometry of space. Glass ceilings are very eye catching - this is the part of the design that you want to constantly admire, examine and surprise your acquaintances, friends or visitors with them.
Glass ceilings allow you to create any color and lighting effects using fluorescent, LED or spotlights.

What are the glass ceilings?
They are usually made of tempered glass with a thickness of 6-10 mm + fastening elements, their choice depends on the width of the components of the glass fragments. Most often, a metal frame is installed on which glass plates are mounted. If necessary, the plates can be easily removed or replaced, so the glass ceilings are easy enough to install.
The glass ceiling is resistant to dampness and moisture, so it can be installed in rooms with high humidity: in pools, bathrooms, kitchens.

They are very simple in care, just use any detergents designed to care for glass.
It is possible to apply drawing to glass using any color combinations, which will give the design originality and make your interior unique.
Giovani Glass designs and mounts glass ceilings of any complexity and offers a guarantee service.