Glass table top by Giovani Glass in New York
Glass for table tops is a recent trend that has been growing in popularity. Modern technology has allowed glass makers to create table tops that fuse high-quality material with top-level artistic design, and glass table tops have been one of the most requested pieces of furniture since. Made from a combination of different glasses, the custom glass table top is greater than artificial stone or plastic composite tables, as they are easier to clean, odor-resistant, and offer the transparent beauty inherent in all glass furniture. Just wipe the dust off with a soft cloth with a cleaner from time to time, and the sheen of your glass table top will never fade away.

How We Make And Decorate Our Glass
We create the finest glass tops from tempered safety glass or laminated glass triplex, perfectly customized for your sizes. It is impossible to damage this glass with heat, making it perfect for sitting near a fireplace or stove.
When choosing your glass table top, remember that most custom orders are made from a specially clarified glass known as optiwhite, popular for its exquisite and rich properties. Other popular glass tables are made of frosted, clear, tinted, colored, and patterned glass.